Our herd, established in 1978, is located in the sand hills of northeast Colorado, north of Akron. Our goal is to provide the commercial cattleman with calving-ease and growth bulls with high carcass values and good dispositions. These bulls are selected from cows that must survive in the dry environment of the northeast Colorado plains, be capable of transferring quality genes from animal to animal, support her offspring in the harsh surroundings, do her own work, and have a salvage value.

Thus we incorporate proven calving-ease AI bulls, having good growth potential, into our program. One must recognize that the calving-ease trait is inherent in the Angus breed and thus nearly all Angus bulls will cause few calving problems because of calf size when bred to cows/heifers having good pelvic development. We also recognize that there are other traits, which should be considered when selecting a bull, such as disposition, structural correctness, volume, fleshing ability, carcass merit, and maternal characteristics.

In order to continue producing functional cattle, having the above-mentioned traits, our replacement heifers are developed at the Heartland Heifer Development Center in McCook, Nebraska. They are examined for soundness, AI’d to proven calving-ease bulls, and preg-test before returning to our ranch in the fall, having never been exposed to a natural service bull.

The awards we have received include

  1. Washington County Conservationist, 2002
  2. Colorado Angus Association Promoter of the Year, 2005
  3. Northeast Colorado Bull Test Beef Value Award, 2007, based on ADG, WDA and carcass merit of all test bulls.
  4. Northeast Colorado Bull Test High Indexing Angus Bull, 2007, based on WDA and ADG.
  5. Northeast Colorado Bull Test High Carcass bull, 2007, based on carcass merit of all test bulls.

We have been selling Angus seedstock for over 30 years. So give us a call for all your bull needs and we will be there for you tomorrow.